An honest and alternative approach to wedding photography

I specialise in documentary wedding photography that captures the story of your wedding day. It will be emotionally charged, laughter-filled, and above all one of the happiest, most important days of your life.  I focus on creatively capturing the unseen moments as much as the main event, in a natural unscripted way. 

Sure, I'll take photos of just the two of you and we'll do the group shots (because your parents want them for the mantle piece!), but for most of the day I'll capture it as it unfolds. You won't be made to pose for hours on end, because it's your day and you want to spend it with your nearest and dearest. Then, in 30 years time you'll be able to get your wedding photographs out and remember the day like it was yesterday.


For my latest work...


So what will you get if I shoot your wedding day? Well for a start off ... some bloody awesome pictures but also a photographer that won't drag you around for hours and tell you where you've got to be and when. What I really want you to do is to enjoy your wedding day .... if this sounds like your bag, have a look around my site, browse the pictures, then drop me a line and lets go for a coffee or a pint. I love meeting and chatting with my couples about their special day and what you've got planned.

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