About Me.

If I'm going to be taking photos of you at your wedding day, you should probably know a bit about me.

I live with my gorgeous wife Vicky our son Alfie and Millie the Cocker Spaniel (she's in charge) in a small village in Buckinghamshire. Before that I lived in London for six years and I still love going back to Photograph weddings there, particular if its a pub wedding or somewhere a bit different and off the wall. I was born and raised on a sheep farm, where I still help my dad. I like pedalling bikes, drinking coffee, travelling to places I haven't been before, walking the dog, looking at maps, watching live music, rugby, having the occasional beer and, when I've had one too many... getting my groove on.

But most importantly for you, one of my favourite things is capturing those special moments; a glance, an embrace, a cheeky smile between friends. And what better place to do that than at a wedding? I've grown up around weddings. My mum is a wedding caterer, my sister a wedding  blogger, and for me photography was one of the most important parts of my special day.

I would love to take wedding photos that you will treasure forever.