Engagement Shoot . Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer . 

2017 is going to be a big year ... alongside a load of weddings, a few holidays, a couple of big Birthdays and a trip to Glastonbury, my sister is only going and getting married! But my sister doesn't do things by halves. She used to write a wedding blog, now writes a lifestyle blog and having worked for my mum (who has her own outside catering business) at numerous weddings since the age of 14, it would be fair to say she knows her weddings. So with this wedding pedigree she was asked by Rock my Wedding to do a fortnightly blog sharing the details of the wedding and all of their plans leading up to the big day in July.

For the first post on RMW Em wanted a few relaxed shots of her and Dean to introduce them, so they came over for a cuppa and we had a walk. After having a chat about the photography and what to do on the big day we decided that it would be nice for me to go to a wedding and not have to worry about making sure I get the shot (because I'm a having a cheeky pint or chatting to our Gran)! This meant Em was in need of some recommendations, luckily I had plenty and after a pretty quick look around I was chuffed that Em and Dean decided on the super talented Michelle Wood. Roll on July!

You can check out the first Blog here and check in back in to RMW every other Sunday to see how she's getting on.  These are a few of the images from their shoot.