I've had the privilege of knowing Harriet for 8 years now but this is the first time I've ever seen her in a dress!

I met Harriet when she came to my parent's farm as a first year vet student and spent most of her time in overalls, knee deep in...well, you get the picture. Harriet fell in love with the farm and she's like an adopted sister now, returning year after year to help out at lambing time. We'd like to think it's because she likes our company and the hospitality but in all honesty Harriet is also just a little bit obsessed with sheep.  

The day itself was really lovely. Harriet and Ash got married in the church where her parents were married and followed it up with a reception at Orchardleigh estate, a beautiful wedding reception in Somerset. 

H & A here are your highlights - you certainly scrubbed up well!! x

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