Where do I start with Jamie and Chloe's wedding?

When we first met in London to talk about the big day they told me they were getting married in a small village in Northamptonshire that I probably wouldn't have heard of. Randomly, I was more than a bit familiar with it, I went to Primary school there! Growing up I spent a lot of time hanging out in the Blakesley with some of my best mates, singing carols in the church where they planned to get married and I've driven past the converted windmill on the edge of the village, the wedding reception and Chloe's parents house, more times than you can count. 

The day itself was an absolute scorcher - a fairly familiar theme for weddings this summer.

The bridal prep can only be described as organised chaos - bridesmaids (eight of them) everywhere, brothers getting beards trimmed, mum and dad rushing about making sure everything was going to plan, sausages, salmon, champagne and a couple of dogs eating well wishers cards! The boys prep was a slightly calmer affair involving a nearby barn with a swimming pool and a couple of pints of dutch courage in the local pub.

Following the ceremony everyone went back to the Windmill for a fantastic lamb tagine (cooked by Chloe and Jamie's mums) and a blood awesome party as the sun set in the surrounding fields.

Jamie and Chloe you were ace! Such an awesome couple and a great group of friends and family to hang out with, I went home with a huge smile!

Here's my favourites x