Essendon Country Club . Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer .

This was my first wedding of 2017 and I couldn't have hoped for a lovelier couple. Emily and Andrew had been at a wedding I shot last year, we'd met up a couple of times since and got on really well.

So many things to say about the wedding ... Bridal prep started at Winchmores which was a flurry of activity (and the best coffee I've had during bridal prep!) then all back to the Emily's parents house. I fell a little bit in love with the bridal car for the day ... If my numbers come up I'm definitely getting one (If however, you prefer to have it for the day, you can get it from Gold Chauffeur Services). 

From the moment we got to the venue the day went really quickly. Jo and her team at the Essendon Country Club were amazingly helpful and efficient. The portraits were a blast. We managed to get some gorgeous evening light and I was given a golf buggy to drive around (the bride and groom got one too!). After the formalities, everyone hit the dance floor with the bride and groom, as well as the parents of the bride, dropping some tunes on the decks!

Other shout outs go to Chris Milbourne for the videography and Gilly Bean for the gorgeous flowers.

It was a pleasure to spend the day with Emily, Andrew, their friends and family. The rest of the pictures are in the post guys!


If you're thinking of getting married or have already booked a wedding at Essendon Country Club and are looking for a photographer, drop me a line and we can meet up for a pint or a coffee!