Dodmoor House . Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer .

Vanessa and Ada got married at the lovely Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire, it was only a couple of miles away from the village I grew up in so I knew the area pretty well and its nice to have a properly local wedding. The day was really relaxed with lots of lovely moments. The team at Dodmoor led by Carolyn were super accommodating and between us, through the power of positive thought we managed to stave off the rain at just the right moments!

Vanessa and Ada were extremely sweet and super smiley and clearly had a great group of friends and family. They were kept entertained before the meal by Chris Webb,  resident magician and and a really nice guy to boot and in the evening by George Simpson. Lemon Zest provided the food (which was delicious) and the night was finished off with an awesome sparkler arch, which I managed to walk away from unscathed!

All in all a great day, here's your best bits guys ... the rest are in the post x

If you're getting married at Dodmore House and are looking for a wedding photographer, give me a shout and we can meet up for a pint or a coffee.