Parched grass, sunny blue skies, an old fiat 500 and a beautiful orangery .... it felt more like a wedding set in Tuscany rather than the UK.

Ross and Nicola had a sweltering hot day for their wedding at the beautiful Barton Hall in Kettering. It's a fantastic venue and not one that I'd shot before but it made a stunning backdrop to the day. Add to this a shed load of Warner Edwards Gin (shameless plug - Ross is the Commercial Director and his best man ... he's the Warner) and you've got yourself all of the makings of an absolutely perfect wedding. 

My particular highlights included the "book of bos" ... one of the best readings at a ceremony I've ever heard.

Also look out for 2022's hottest young boy band hanging out in a tree. Let's hope they can sing! 

Ross and Nicola you guys were so warm and welcoming and I had an awesome (if slightly sweaty) day hanging out with you, your friends and family.

Here's some of my favourites x