Emma and Chris met each other in Devon but after Chris got a job a lot further afield they eventually found themselves starting a new life together in Harpenden. Emma and Chris wanted a laid back, home made wedding in their adopted home town. They got married in the Church in Harpenden and whilst they hitched a lift back to the Town hall for the reception, guests were able to walk there. Drinks and photos spilled out onto the common just outside hall and made for a fun and relaxed afternoon.

It wasn’t hard to see how completely and utterly in love with each other Emma and Chris are. The day was full of smiles and laughter and the glances between each other that show you just how perfect they are together.

Once the food had been eaten, the speeches delivered and the tears wiped away it was time to hit the dance floor, which they certainly did.

Cheers guys - here’s a few of my favourites x