As soon as I met Emily and Tom it was like hanging out with old friends, luckily by the end of the chat, we remembered I was actually there to talk about their wedding! The wedding day itself was no different. I got to Orwell park the night before the wedding and had a tour from Emily and her step dad Adrian, who is headmaster at the School …. turns out they don’t let just anybody pitch up a tent on the front lawn!

Orwell Park was an amazing venue and despite the near gale force winds, the teepee managed to hold firm and was a welcome haven. After the food and speeches, the guests hit the dance floor with a vengeance. It was full from the first dance, up until the moment I left and I’m sure until the end of the night - No doubt due to the quality of The Oliver Soul Band who were absolutely incredible. That love train just kept on coming!

Then what better way to top the night off than fireworks. This wedding had it all!

Cheers Guys,

Here are some of my favourites - as you can see there were a lot! x